Clay Obsession

After such a long time bearing my desire to share about polymer clay to my friends, especially for those in my country, here we are, i start it, again. Yep, start it all over again.
I have the first post using yahoo 360 but then abandoned, it was written in bahasa, but it was abandoned. Another one on blogspot is also abandoned *sigh. Its always tricky, how we can survive from our daily busy live and keep doing what we like.
I dunno whether this is the first clay blog posted from my country or not, anyway, i would like to share anything about clay and their families in this blog. Please help me by comment, suggestion, even critique that will bring me to become a better clay blogger and of course, improve my english ^^.

Lets talk about clay

I love polymer clay since the first time i found this material accidentaly in a bookstore. However, this material is pretty hard to found here, in indonesia. But, there are some clay fans talking about clay at, from the air dry clay to oven bake clay, and most of us using bahasa in this group, but i belive they are fluent in english as well. Another group is

Polymer clay is not yet too famous in my country, so, here i am, on my virtual journey to find polymer clay artist or at least clay lovers from indonesia. If i found them, sure i will tell ya, wish me luck *blink (send me one if you find them)


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