Babies oh babies

Long time ago, i got mail with almost same picture like below (i dont have that email anymore) saying that the sculpture was made from chocolate, and several days ago i found someone saying in his/her multiply that this baby are made from marzipan, i really feel that they are ‘clay’ (i can sense clay from 1-2 meters, believe me, i have clay radar), and it is really really clay
This baby are hand sculpt by an artist, i think she’s indonesian but living in japan right now, very cute aren’t they? Just check her flickr site
and you can also find her pretty face, drawings and also photos.


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addicted to polymer clay

One response to “Babies oh babies”

  1. marynandea says :

    halo salam kenal yah. Mau tanya masihkah ada stock polimer clay-nya? Bisa tolong info harga dan stock warna ke

    tks in advance-ryna

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