PinkyImme, the Brain, the Bold, and the Beautiful

This has nothing to do with clay, but writings on her blogs just bring huge inspiration to anyone who read em (i cant stop myself featuring her). The writer is one of my friend at our weekend course. I cant say no more about Imelda Harsono rather than SHE HAS A GREAT BLOG which also inspired me to write.
I still wonder how she could write so nice, so smooth that you sink in her writing (i don’t know how to express this). Not so much post on her blog lately since she’s very busy (i believe), she even travel from her town to jakarta every weekend to study with us. When you guys have chance to meet her personally, i bet all of you will be freeze for a moment, she’s very very pretty, yet humble and so sweet (hahaa, lucky me ^^). Thanks for giving me such encouragement to write a blog :).


About claygeek

addicted to polymer clay

One response to “PinkyImme, the Brain, the Bold, and the Beautiful”

  1. imelda says :

    Awww.. I am so touched by your sincere writings (although I still think the compliment is too much) *blushed*

    Anyways, I hope that the writings can inspire you even more like the way you inspire me by being you, a beautiful person with a huge passion for clays. :))

    Hidup claygeeks!!!! hihi


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