Polyclay on Ebay

I have to admit that clay, polymer clay and their familes supplies are scarce in Indonesia. It’s difficult to find them, even we find it, the colors are not complete and the prices was shocking. If we would like to have and online purchase since Indonesia are wellknown for its fraud. But you can clap your hands now since last year, paypal already accepting members from Indonesia even it gives us choice only to send money and accept money without any withdrawal service available. Now, be cheerful, as we can do clay shopping on Ebay or from another polymer clay merchant, happy browsing.
Harus saya akui, clay, polymer clay dan keluarganya termasuk barang langka di indonesia. Nyarinya suseee banget, kalo nemu juga biasanya warnanya uda ga komplit atau harganya yang bikin shok. Kalo mau beli online juga sulit berhubung negara kita masi terkenal akan ‘fraud’ nya. Tapi bergembiralah, karena sejak tahun kemarin, paypal sudah menerima anggota dari Indonesia, tapi hanya untuk pembayaran online, bisa untuk terima duit, tapi belum bisa diuangkan seperti di Amerika. Sekarang kita bisa belanja clay dari Ebay atau merchant polymer clay lainnya, selamat browsing.


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