I’m truly a GEEK

Yesterday and the day before and the week before and the month before. Almost all the time i was online, polymer clay drives me so crazy that i use all the words on my mind to find other clay geek in indonesia. Luckily im using unlimited telkom speedy right now, so it wont hurt too much since the bills is at a flat rate. Yesterday, when i stuck with my project, i search people in friendster whose interest is ‘clay’ ‘polymer clay’ or ‘sculpture’. I really do love clay and clayin!
Im quite happy with the result, even though mostly i cant find their creation with polymer clay, but i hoping that they will post some, soon, before im out of people to feature and this blog becoming a boring blog of narcism featuring only my works (not funny isnt it). I will feature any kind of projects, as long it is your works, made by your own hand, dont take others creation and say that is yours! This blog is made to support the art and creative community of clay and other modeling material, please appreciate the ideas and the hardwork of the artist.
For you guys who just drop by and read this blog, please kindly tell me if you create sculpture, forming your ideas into a shape using any kind of material (clay and oven bake clay will be prioritized) tell me, PLISSSS!!!


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One response to “I’m truly a GEEK”

  1. Firman Widyasmara says :

    hello there,

    allow me to introduce myself 🙂 i’m firman, and i was just stopped by lookin around this beautiful blog about clay.. something that i was willin to learn 😀 but then again, just like u’ve just said, the price material was extremely high 😀 and puff! there goes the ‘oow this polymer clay thing is interesting, i’d like to learn more!’ :)) so just to let u know, i’m not here to say that i’m the biggest fan of clay, but hey, i’m glad to know there are people out there like you whom appreciated this clay art 😀 ‘cos that means more informations! 😀 hehehehe like ‘where to find cheaper materials’ and so on :))

    for the clay works (i used polymer clay), i made only three characters from my comicbooks (that went back to year 2003), you may check two of them (i didn’t upload the third one) on my multiply, here’s the link 🙂


    thanks n cheers! 🙂

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