Comic clay

I have to thank this guy for his email, another creative person in this beloved country. This guy brings lives to his comical art into 3d touchable figure. I dont know what kind of clay he used, but looks like its an air dry clay (correct me if im wrong).
Firman Widyasmara also creates animation, illustration, comics and other art, multiple background bring him having rich concept.


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addicted to polymer clay

One response to “Comic clay”

  1. Firman Widyasmara says :

    hello! how are you? 🙂

    been a long time since I read your article, 2007, wow! are you still doing the clay stuff? well, maybe in the near future I’d love to ask for a few advices or informations on particular clays and where to get them here in Jakarta.

    for now, maybe you could visit my latest work with clay, it’s a short animated film, entitled “Balloons”. not entirely made of clay. but yes, a few materials were made of clays. please enjoy here:

    if you have the time to browse the link, maybe you would find another short film called “Invasion Of The Penguins”, the characters were made of plasticine, and I need your advice on other clay materials for substitution.

    Thanks and it’s nice seeing you again!


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