Polymer clay spotted at Taman Anggrek Mall Jakarta

This is a real news, but don’t be too excited, they not supply clay in abundance. The clay has a small package, a project instruction behind it.
Unfortunately, the clay is a lil bit outdated. When i tried to soften the clay, I turned one color into powder. But other colors still fine, especially the blue one. Its only 7000 Indonesian Rupiah, I m not suggest you guys to buy it, but for Rp.7000, perhaps, its worth to try. Lot enough to make keychain or small figurine.
The store located at G floor, nearby dunkin donuts, next to exit door to the parking (im sorry i cant remember the name, but will be updated if i know the name).
Berita ini beneran, tapi jangan terlalu senang dulu karena toko ini tidak menyediakan clay dalam jumlah banyak. Clay tersebut dibungkus dalam kemasan kecil, dengan instruksi dibaliknya. Sayangnya, clay ini sepertinya sudah kadalwarsa. Clay tersebut hancur seperti bubuk ketika saya melembutkan salah satu clay tersebut. Warna yang lain sepertinya baik-baik saja, terutama yang berwarna biru. Harganya cuma 7rebu doang, boleh juga buat nyoba-nyoba. Dengan bahan segitu, cukup untuk bikin gantungan kunci. Tokonya ada di G floor, deket dunkin donuts, disamping pintu keluar ke parkiran (sori, saya ga inget namanya)


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2 responses to “Polymer clay spotted at Taman Anggrek Mall Jakarta”

  1. MidZ says :

    Wow! this is great news. Got to give this one a try.
    Thanks for the info CG!

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