Anita miniature

Just found this blog yesterday, its from yahoo 360. She has made so many polymer clay pieces, and mostly are miniature, i just wonder, how could i miss this.
Her blog is written in bahasa, for you who not understand, you can still browse the picture.


About claygeek

addicted to polymer clay

2 responses to “Anita miniature”

  1. rita bellnad says :

    OMG…… claygeek !! you are such a blessing !!! I love clay too… and I love finding an indonesian clay blog. especially miniature. My mini-blog is under construction wish me luck :))

    keep in touch hey !

  2. anita_abdulkadir says :

    Dear all,

    Thanks for founding me. I didn’t kow that polymer clay had a community just like you guys…..

    I’m very happy to know that I have somebody who can appreciate my creation. And I’m also happy cause I have you with whom I can learn more about Polymer Clay Making.

    Thanks Elise for founding me….



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