Flo, Jakarta

I know she’s french from her blog (its all french) but i think she’s staying in Jakarta right now. Just not sure how and when I found this blog, i think via random click on paroledepate since I don’t understand any french.
Some one from WIC bazaar told me that she knew someone from europe doing polymer clay very well, and she is in Jakarta, and i’m more convinced when i found comment on polymerclaynotes saying there’s some one called Flo from Jakarta, Bingo! Anyone interested to learn from her?


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One response to “Flo, Jakarta”

  1. Maniguette says :

    Just discovered your blog from Polymer Clay Daily slide. Flo is a french lovely person living in Jakarta and creating jewelry and designs with polymer clay. Maybe you could get in touch with her, I’m sure she’d love to know about other polymer working persons neer her place.
    Her blog is http://cgblog.canalblog.com/ and I think she speaks english even though I only spoke french with her up till now.
    I will tell her about you also.

    Friendly regards

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