Ling Lung

Something gets really wrong with my mind today, seems like im loosing them out. Aiyaaaa….
This morning, i supposed to wake up early, pack my computer and move them to the new working place, but i wake up really late and i was left.
Then with my muscle i trying so bad to bring all the computer and cpu into my car. It was so heavy.
I open one of the front door, and then throw the key to the next seat then i closed the locked door. I am really smart am I, my car key was locked inside car, no spare key for sure. Then every body was like try to open the door using the metal ruler for almost 30 minutes. Thank you guys, now i can get in the car and go to work.
Today, i supposed to post about supplier, but, you can get bonus today… i think today is thrusday, and its time for indonesian clayer. Aiyaaa… again. I bet his multiply really worth to visit, keren banget gitooo (in english mean very very cool). And tomorrow, i will find another indonesian clayer to be featured here, and today, i will post another site about supplies. Have a great day, and pliz pray for my tiny mind.


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