Pink Oink

My friend once learn how to do flannel and learn how to create shoulder bag for her beloved sister. She never been doing any stitching or sewing stuff before (i thought so) but she’s highly passionate as the meaning of the gift. Handmade is always special as a gift. Just like the sexy pink oink diana created for her friend.



About claygeek

addicted to polymer clay

6 responses to “Pink Oink”

  1. Din says :

    Thanks for keep my creature here hehehe *lol*

  2. benyamin says :

    very cute and funny piggy girl. . . I like it

  3. din says :

    @benyamin : thanks… i feel so happy šŸ˜€

  4. claygeek says :

    pake bikini gitu loh, lucu bgt ya

  5. din says :

    @claygeek : ha ha ha iyaaaa miss piggy-nya ganjen abis ha ha ha dah montok sok sexy lagi hihihi

  6. Oink says :

    jadi inget babi bulet yang kau bikinkan untukku dulu pas kuliah… masi ada lohh ehehehe ^^

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