Simply Sweet

Simply sweet, art and creativity center by Lisa Suroso, offers clay and craft courses. You can create various kind of cute and crafty things here.


Simply Sweet, Art & Craft Creativity Center

Tebet Timur Dalam Raya no. 81

Jakarta Selatan-Indonesia

(t) +6221-8292245



Claire Prebble

Go to her website and hold your breath.

Hanyvong Flower Bottle

The main character of creative people is not let something stayed in their original state , they always tempted to make it prettier, simpler, more this and more that.

Empty bottles with beautiful shape aren’t abandoned by Hany, she turned it into beautiful flower decorated bottle. Sweet and perfect for house decoration, or kitchen accessories.

hanyvong-decoheart bottle

There are also many cute and creative stuff from cards to pretty frames on her multiply.

Living in FairyCastle

Marsha C. Panthera creates adorable fairy houses and castle. Her delicate work enriched with so many details. More about her creation at her etsy store

Just imagine live in a beautiful fairy house in the middle of a forest.

Tales of Art

Enjoy the amazing tales from Forest Rogers

forest rogers-pregnant fairy

Happy clay weekends


Miniatur and figurine has been favourite for indonesia clayers. Dini Lestari, the owner of Kreasitha and Lesthari shows us wide range of art and craft stuff, from natural boxes to framed polymer clay art.

I love the way she arranged a miniatur of shops and flowers into a frame. Look at the detail and the arrangement, the mini boxed, so creative, it just too cute!

Size Me Mini

Its funny see ourself in mini size, especialy comical style.  Minime offers service to sculpt your face, based on your photograph into customized theme on your choice (they has lotsa option to choose.

You can choose skin color, hair color, even your lip color. This might be perfect for your wedding cake topper.

image via :

Sita Has a Blog

Im really excited becoz more and more indonesian clayer goes online. Sita has a blog called blognyasita (means Sita’s Blog), a simple and straight naming for a blog (i like it).


Sita created a lot of crafty things and she also baked some cake (wish i can do so). I love to browse at her blog and see those cute clay stuff and her artwork. She also give some tips and triks about flour clay in her blog (written in bahasa).Are you inspired? Com’on Indo clayers, lets go online, show the world your work, your craft, your art.

The Art of Kathleen Dustin

Hunger for polymer clay art? Need something amazing to see? click, one of the most amazing polymer clay artist.

kathleen dustin purse

Happy Weekend


Introducing my new blog ClayAdventura (Yippiee). ClayAdventura is all about my clay project, from polymer clay, paper clay, flour clay to other craft and clay related project.


Noah’s arc is my first project for ClayAdventura, hope you enjoy them.